AON is a single STOP for your all your I.T. needs. Just provide your requirement, we will present the best solution in your budget at your doorstep.

AON accomodates the following I.T. services:

Security and surveillance Camera

AON provides new solutions to life’s everyday obstacles, while dramatically increasing the safety & security of your business. Business owners can monitor their business more closely to identify inefficient factors which adds to cost, frustration, and increased insurance claims.

“You can watch the live-feed of All cameras from Anywhere in the world from your smartphones/handheld devices”.

In today’s business, we like to be well informed. Being informed is one thing, being informed correctly is another. With AON, your information is always correct because “Seeing is believing”.


Workstation Management and Maintenance

AON is committed in providing all services you require to operate your business. We offer competitive rates in managing your office workstations, security maintenance, software updates, and installation to make sure they are in good working condition and contribute to the overall productivity.


Audio Visual Services

We can also set up and troubleshoot problems relating to audio visual equipment in your location like TV cable systems, and setting up Audio/Video Conference for meetings.

AON takes the challenge of creating a seamless and successful meeting by providing an error free service setup.


Additional Office Equipment

As every office setting is unique, it requires a unique setup of equipment. AON can also provide services in setting up Servers for Email, Data, Printers, Scanners, Copiers, Time-clocks, Network Attached Storage, or Shared Drive services. We can provide you with all the equipment needed.


Network Management

As your company grows, AON can set-up, manage, and maintain your office workstations to guarantee the smooth exchange of information between workstations or a remote VPN server. AON can also do a structured cabling on-site.

AON Can provide and manage the cabling network to your office to fulfill your special Requirement.



If you are tired of dealing with service providers yourself, AON can also provide you with point to point internet service with competitive rates, and free technical support available 24/7.


Hosted Services

We can host any server or device you want to host on a data center for better availability and performance. Call AON, we will put your server on a secure, high performance data center.

If your needs are different than above, just contact us, our team will work on it to provide you the best solution.